Errors handling


This property specifies the value of the status code returned by the server. Status values are defined in the HTTP specification and can be used either to identify an error or to confirm a successful operation.

When a request is successful, the API returns a HTTP Status Code (2xx).

Basic Error Codes

In case of any problems, will the API return the following HTTP status codes in the response header:

HTTP Status Code Description
401 Unauthorized. Wrong or missing credentials.
400 Bad format. Incorrect parameter or query string.
403 Forbidden. A user has insufficient rights to perform this action.
404 Requested entity not found.
409 Conflict. The request could not be processed because of a conflict in the request.
412 The precondition failed. The request could not be processed because of a conflict in the request.
424 Failed dependency. The request failed due to the failure of a previous request.
500 Internal server error. TargetProcess messed up.
501 Not implemented. The requested action is either not supported or not implemented yet.
503 Service unavailable. Unavailable service because the rate limit was exceeded.

API Error Codes

Listed below are special errors, which may arise during the interaction with API:

API error Code HTTP Status Code Description
PE01-1001 401 Unauthorized
PE01-1002 400 Token missing
PE01-1003 400 Tenant missing
PE01-1004 409 Tenant conflict
PE01-1005 401 Tenant unknown
PE01-1006 400 Confirmation invalid
PE01-1007 401 Object not confirmed
PE01-1008 403 Access denied
PE01-1009 403 You've reached your account's user limit
PE01-1010 401 Token is invalid or expired
PE01-1011 401 Refresh token is invalid or expired
PE01-1012 301 Tenant is registered on other endpoint.
PE01-1013 403 Object is unavailable
PE01-1101 404 Object not found
PE01-1102 409 Object already exists
PE01-1103 400 Operation not allowed
PE01-1104 412 Validation error
PE01-1105 400 Wrong parameters
PE01-1106 412 Illegal state
PE01-1107 409 Version stale
PE01-1108 424 Transaction error
PE01-1109 412 File size limit exceeded
PE01-9000 500 Other error
PE01-9001 500 Unhandled error
PE01-9002 412 Limit exceeded
PE01-9003 404 Resource not found
PE01-9004 400 Unrecognized request
PE01-9005 406 You've requested an incompatible content type

Error object

The response contains detailed information about the error.


A validation error:

    "message":"Validation error",
    "description":"Project.owner - NotNull(may not be null)",
            "message":"may not be null"

Suppress response code

It is possible to suppress the response code for the primaERP API by adding a query parameter.



If this parameter is set, the API will always return status 200 and the response will contain the error object with more information.

This option should be used with a limited functions client e.g. Flash or JavaScript.

If it is an JSONP, the API should always use the error object query. Rendering the JSONP without this functionality will make the API unreliable.

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