You have to be authenticated to access our API resources in following steps:

  1. Login with a User credentials or a Secret key.
  2. Use a token for one hour.
  3. Refresh a token.
  4. Go to the step 2.

Authentication with user credentials

This is an authentication method which requires the user's credentials by the Basic access authentication


To receive the token you have to use the login resource. Please, do not forget to include the standard HTTP Basic access authentication request header, you can follow instructions how to create the request header.


Login example

    GET http://{tenant}{yourApiKey}

for example if you are using curl HTTP command line client:

    $ curl \
           -H "Authorization: Basic dXNlckBkb21haW4uY29tOnBhc3N3b3Jk"

the response will look like:

    "token" : "c0e0c951-40d5-4e4a-9789-6524c1d2f80d",
    "expiration" : "/Date(1393858439151)/",
    "refreshToken" : "5d01a310-0e68-4733-9faf-8efdb1b367f7",
    "refreshExpiration" : "/Date(1394459639151)/"

Once you have been authenticated you don't need the API key until your token expires. You can use the token to access any API resources you are planning to use.

Token example

    GET http://{tenant}

Authentication with a Secret key

The secret key is an alternative authentication solution which does not require the user's credentials. It is sent by the basic authentication where is replaced the username with a Secret key. You have to use the same login resource as in the example above. A password is not needed.

The secret key is created by the secretkey resource




    POST http://{tenant}

Token expiration

The token generated has a limited lifetime, so it expires when it's past the time specified by the "expiration" field

After it expires, the token becomes invalid and a new token has to be acquired. By default the access token has a 60 minute lifetime. The access token can be refreshed using the refresh token code.

Refresh token

To refresh the token you have to use the refresh token resource



with a refresh_token parameter.


    GET http://{tenant}{yourApiKey}&refresh_token=5d01a310-0e68-4733-9faf-8efdb1b367f7

You will receive a new authentication and refresh token in the same format as for the "login" resource. The refresh token can be used only once. The refreshed token expires after 7 days.

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